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Our Insights

DAS & Associates takes a collaborative, iterative, and adaptable approach to our client partnerships seeking first to understand you and your organization, the current climate, and what success looks like for you. We then refine the strategic and developmental roadmap to fit your needs.

Generative Change:

This is the generative change model - our approach to creating success for our clients in a complex, ever-changing business world



DEI+C Infrastructure Approach

We will lend support as a thought-partner, and strategist and where appropriate, execute against project work to help establish your DEI infrastructure. We will help align individuals, committees, and teams to manage, strategically guide and support DEI+C success.

Given the need to quickly establish a baseline of operations within your organization, conducting a quick audit to understand what gaps need to be addressed and identifying the critical focus areas that will allow you to establish a viable DEI+C center of excellence.

The effort is broken into 3 phases that allow for a seamless delivery build of process, program, and governance no matter where a business unit might be along its respective journey.

DEI+C Current State Assessment & Insights

Essential to a developing DEI+C strategic roadmap requires leveraging quantitative and qualitative data to capture the current state of DEI+C related initiatives, KPI/metrics programs, processes, and policies at your organization.

The current state assessment and insights, powered by Talmetrix, enable leaders to have intelligence regarding your organization’s maturity, readiness, effectiveness, and resources, as well as provide a baseline regarding leaders’ and employees’ mindset and experience relative to the DEI+C climate and culture within your organization.