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Navigate today to anchor for tomorrow.

Intentionality on purpose, with purpose:


Leaders have the power to spark transformative waves across their organizations, fostering innovation and driving profitability. When you embrace inclusivity, you cultivate a welcoming environment that attracts top talent and resonates with customers alike.


Diverse talent brings a wealth of perspectives that empower organizations to tackle a broad spectrum of challenges, enhancing its agility and fortifying its resilience against unexpected shifts.


An organization that centers culture and climate bolsters talent retention and taps into the full potential of a committed, motivated team – elevating performance and impact.

Organizational Systems

Ultimately, integrating DEI into an organization’s DNA enriches its core systems, laying a solid groundwork that propels the business toward greater success.

DAS & Associates is a full-service advisory and change acceleration firm.

We partner with you to transform your team’s impact, by holistically elevating your organization’s culture and climate.

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Our beliefs:

  • An organization’s greatest asset is its people.
  • Culture and climate work should be transparent, relevant, and humanized.
  • Transformational change is intentional and generative.
  • Change begins with the individual.

Our mission is to partner with leaders to transform community and organizational culture and climate. We help you navigate today to anchor for tomorrow.

Our services:

We enable leaders to harness measurable, sustainable impact.

Culture & Climate Transformation

DEI Transformation

Cross Cultural Agility

Executive Coaching

Leadership Transformation & Development


Tailored Enterprise Solutions

Empirical Data Solutions & Services

Mindset, Skills & Behavior Development

Generative Change:

This is the generative change model - our approach to creating success for our clients in a complex, ever-changing business world