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By: DAS & Associates

As Black History Month draws to a close, our reflections extend beyond the confines of a calendar month. While February serves as a designated time to honor the remarkable achievements, resilience, and cultural richness of Black-led organizations, confining this celebration to just these 28 or 29 days has limitations – and we recognize that genuine appreciation is boundless.

Assigning a bracket of parameters and calling it “Black History Month” can inadvertently imply that acknowledgment and celebration are restricted to a specific timeframe – which undermines (minimizes) the ongoing impact of Black communities and culture and diminishes the essence of their contributions. We believe every day is an opportunity to amplify Black voices, celebrate Black excellence, and champion Black achievements.

To that end, we embark on a journey—a commitment not bound by the constraints of months or days but fueled by an enduring passion for equity and inclusivity. This marks the beginning of a series where we spotlight organizations whose missions and impact inspire us. But let it be clear: this series transcends the boundaries of Black History Month. It is a testament to our unwavering dedication to transform admiration into action.

Our focus on Black-led organizations serves as a starting point—an acknowledgment of their pivotal role in driving positive change. Yet, we envision this series evolving to encompass the vital efforts of other diverse and underrepresented groups. In unity, we find strength; in diversity, we find resilience.

Business + Leadership Development

  • Black Business Alliance: Empowering Black-owned businesses through coaching, education, and advocacy, the Black Business Alliance is a catalyst for economic empowerment. Learn More
  • Black Girl Ventures: Bridging the gap in access to capital and resources, BGV empowers women of color entrepreneurs to turn their visions into reality. Learn More
  • Bronzeville Incubator (Chicago, IL): At the heart of Chicago’s entrepreneurial landscape, the Bronzeville Incubator fosters innovation, collaboration, and mentorship to empower aspiring business owners. Learn More
  • Digital Undivided: Breaking barriers for Black and Latinx women in tech, Digital Undivided offers programs, funding, and community to drive innovation and entrepreneurship. Learn More
  • Lead 360: Serving as a beacon for leaders of color, Lead 360 provides the tools and resources needed to navigate and thrive in today’s enterprises. Learn More
  • Sunshine Enterprises: Dedicated to nurturing entrepreneurship in underserved communities, Sunshine Enterprises provides invaluable resources and training to cultivate sustainable businesses. Learn More
  • Sweet Water Foundation: Cultivating community-driven urban agriculture and economic development, Sweet Water Foundation sows the seeds of change across Chicago’s South Side. Learn More
  • Talmetrix: Helping organizations of all types build and strengthen a culture of well-being in an era of data-driven decision-making and action to help employees thrive. Learn more

Community + Social Impact

  • BLK + GRN (National): Curating a marketplace for natural products crafted by Black artisans, BLK + GRN celebrates cultural heritage while promoting economic empowerment. Learn More
  • Burst Into Books: Transforming lives through literature, Burst Into Books advocates for access to culturally responsive literature and fosters a love for reading within marginalized communities. Learn More
  • Chicago Beyond (Chicago, IL): Investing in the future leaders of tomorrow, Chicago Beyond pioneers innovative programs to address systemic inequities and empower youth. Learn More
  • Equal Justice Initiative (Montgomery, AL): Championing racial justice and equity, EJI offers legal representation, advocates for policy reform, and strives for reconciliation in a world marred by inequality. Learn More
  • My Block, My Hood, My City (Chicago, IL): Empowering youth through neighborhood exploration and community engagement, My Block, My Hood, My City instills a sense of pride and opportunity in Chicago’s diverse communities. Learn More
  • The Renaissance Collaborative (TRC): Providing affordable housing, workforce development, employment, and educational services and solutions to the Bronzeville neighborhood of Chicago and its adjacent communities. Learn More

We’re excited for you to join us as we celebrate the impact, advocacy, and action of people and organizations we admire. Let’s not confine our appreciation to a single month – at DAS & Associates, it imbues everything we do.